Q&A: Cabell Harris of WORK Labs

Q: Tell us briefly about yourself – What are your interests and hobbies?

A: I’m 6’3”, if I lost 20 pounds, grew some hair, was 20 years younger and had a personality, I would be quite the catch. I was raised in Richmond Va. Went to art school at VCU. Began my advertising career here in Richmond, then was recruited to NY, Boston, back to NY, then to LA. I started my own agency, WORK, in LA as an agency resource for other agencies around the country. Moved the company back to Richmond in 1995. WORK still works for other agencies, have our own clients and also create our products and brands, blah, blah, blah.

Interest includes graphic design, photography, typography, movies and scotch by the fire.

Q: Describe your style in three words or less.

A: Eclectic. Vintage. Quirky.

Q: You have had a very extensive career in advertising and design, that has allowed you to work with some of largest brands in the nation. How has this shaped your design sense?

A: Every job has a different challenge and every project requires me to stand back and look at it from different perspectives. I have been fortunate to be surrounded with many very talented individuals and teachers. Also, it helps to stay current and never stop looking for stimuli.


Q: Your company is called WorkLabs. How did the name of your company influence the way you designed your workspace?

A: We work under several entities, WORK, WORK Brands, WORK Labs and WORK HQ. When we first started WORK was more of a1940’s industrial feel. The main office was inspired by architect Frank Israel deconstructionist designs. The man-cave WORK HQ was more of a desire as place to hibernate. It is a place that is propped with the things I like and feel the most comfortable with. Oil cans, filled test tubes; Industrial enhanced furniture and concrete floor.

Q: Your garage/man-cave was recently featured in Vintage Style Magazine. What was the inspiration behind your unique space?

A: Even though it is in the backyard I wanted it to transport me to the mountains. I was thinking, Robert Redford in the movie Jeremiah Johnson. A working wood burning fireplace was a must.


Q: You came up with many creative solutions for the design of your man-cave…most of which you designed or built yourself. What was the most challenging aspect of creating your perfect space?

A: Working within a tight budget, then again that may have helped. Often when you don’t have the money you need to use your head more.


Q: How do the objects that you surround yourself with influence your working style?

A: I think vintage items have character and are made better. I tend to think that these items become items that you want to engage with and invite storytelling.

Q: Where do you like to go to shop for vintage finds?

A: Salvage yards, antique malls, friends, ebay, etsy… just keeping eyes wide open.

Q: Is there a particular treasure that you’ve been on the hunt for – for your own home or to add to your man-cave? If so, what is it?

A: I’m out of room. We are getting ready to start an online garage sale for some of WORK’s finds.


Special thanks to Cabell for taking the time out of his busy schedule to talk to us!! Want to learn more about WORK? Check out their website!

Special thanks to Tony Giammarino Photography.

Copyright 2014. The Savvy Seeker blog by Erin Hurley-Brown. All Rights Reserved.

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