Q&A: Margo Arrick from Flea Market Syle

Q: Tell us briefly about yourself – What are your interests and hobbies?

margoA: I’m married and  I have 2 grown boys,  one is married the other will graduate college in May. I love dogs and have had several rescued greyhounds over the years .  I’m very organized and am a bookkeeper as a “real job”.  I love chocolate which is  evident by my waistline.  As I get older I’m enjoying life more and more.  I spent my 20’s and 30’s raising boys and Now I’m living the good life and skipping with a thankful heart through most of my days.

Lots of funky junk can be found in Margo's Etsy shop.

Lots of funky junk can be found in Margo’s Etsy shop.

Q: Describe your style in three words or less: 

A: Rustic Industrial Cottage

Check out this awesome photo holder Margo made from two old faucet handles!

Check out this awesome photo holder Margo made from two old faucet handles!

Q: How did you get so inspired to re-purpose rusty junk?

A: A few years ago, I vowed to try and go a year without buying anything new for my home. That is when I discovered that my real passion was creating and hunting for the unusual things that add character to my surroundings. During this attempt at green living, I fell in love with all things old, and repurposed. Since pulling myself free of the retail trap, I am fully enjoying the process of the hunt, the find, and the creation of something wonderful from something that was discarded by someone else, as useless.


Q: How did you get involved with the Flea Market Style team? What was your first junk-project that was featured in the magazine?

A: Several years ago Ki had an online junkers club. As part of the membership fee, there was a newsletter, and  membership to a private message board which she participated in.  I joined and was an active member of the message board, where she became aware of me and what I had been doing on the web. When she was ready for a change in direction for her business,  she contacted me for some advice and help with web promotion.  We quickly became good friends and our phone calls about business would turn to personal relationships, projects, interests etc. My roll has changed from Web adviser and promoter to a kind of administrative roll with the blog, and emails that people send in from the blog as well as being the” go to” person for mail orders of the Flea Market Style magazine.

(You can order Flea Market Style Magazine from Margo here!)

Photo from robolady.blogspot.com

Photo from robolady.blogspot.com

The first project that was ever in a magazine, was actually a copy of one Ki had done in the past, and was placed on the reader input page of Country Home. The way they published it, made it sound as if I had sent it in randomly, but actually she had asked me for the photo and background of the project. They wanted to publish how someone had used an idea seen in their magazine and adapted it to make it their own. It was an organizer made out of an old bird cage, seen here.

Isn't this the cutest idea for a Christmas tree?!

Isn’t this the cutest idea for a Christmas tree?!

Q:  I LOVE your idea for an old spindle Christmas tree! Where did that idea come from?

A: I had seen one similar in the antique mall where I have a booth, but that one was made from either driftwood or random sticks. I studied it and knew it could be done with spindles as well. I put  the idea on the back burner in my brain for awhile, but it kept coming to the forefront. Once I had time I threw one together and was very pleased with how it turned out. I’m so tired of the same old Christmas tree every year and have decided to do something different for awhile. My boys are grown and I don’t have grand babies yet, so now is the time to do up the Holiday’s “outside the box”.

(Want to make your own? Margo has a tutorial for the spindle Christmas tree here.)

Some of Margo's treasures can be found at local antique malls in Texas...

Some of Margo’s treasures can be found at local antique malls in Texas…

Q: You sell antiques/vintage treasures on Etsy and in some antique malls in Texas, as well as write for your own blog and for the Flea Market Style blog. How do you find time to do it all?

A: I’m blessed to not have to work full time. My husband and I have a business and I do all the bookkeeping, and paperwork. I only work 3-4 hours a day at the “real job” which leaves the rest of the day for the other things. Also I get bored real easy so It’s actually nice to put my creative energy into something that makes money instead of something that costs money. Sometimes it does get a bit over whelming and at those times I evaluate what I need to  cut back on. Like recently I had some minor surgery and was not allowed to lift for 6 weeks. During that time, I concentrated on making my jewelry pieces, and doing the web work, whenever I had the energy. I got so many pieces done during that time I’m fully stocked and I’ve not hardly made one single piece since then.

Just some of Margo's funky junky jewelry!

Just some of Margo’s funky junky jewelry!

Now I’m back to hunting, cleaning, painting and loading again. There are so many different aspects to this business, that all of my creativity has an outlet in some way. I can decorate my booth, or work on my photography. I can tinker with web design and online publishing or I can play with how to use a piece in my house and when I’m tired of it, sell it to the next person. I can paint, hammer, and solder to my hearts content, or simply sit at my computer and browse what other people are doing for inspiration and work on web pages.

A snapshot  of a cute shop from Margo's trip to Paris!

A snapshot of a cute shop from Margo’s trip to Paris!

Q: I enjoyed reading about all the fun excursions you’ve made in search of funky old junk! You’ve been to the Round Top Texas, Junk-Bonanza and the flea markets in Paris. What is your favorite place to go in search of inspiration and junkin’ treasure?

A: Paris was fabulous for sure, it was a once in a lifetime trip and well worth it for the memories and fun and unique things I brought back. But as great as it was, I just don’t think you can beat the junk we find right here in Texas. I am so blessed to live within driving distance of so many good shows. Choosing a favorite is just not possible. Each one has something different to offer. And the Junk Bonanza is a must for me every year. I’ve made so many wonderful friends up there in Minnesota that if I had to miss it, I think I’d be sulking all weekend.

I love the shape and patina of this old metal trunk, don't you?

I love the shape and patina of this old metal trunk, don’t you?

Q: Is there a particular treasure that you’ve been on the hunt for – for your own home? If so, what is it?

A: A few years ago I really wanted a french bottle drying rack. I put out the word on my blog and before I knew it a friend of mine had an affordable one available for me. That is one reason I love blogging and facebook. There are so many great junkers out there and so many wonderful ideas. I feel like I’ve made many many friends, who I have never actually met.

Usually the things I have, find me. Like the recent metal trunk I found at an estate sale.

The Flea Market Style team at Junk Bonanza - Margo, Ki Nassauer and Kim Yeager.

The Flea Market Style team at Junk Bonanza – Margo, Ki Nassauer and Kim Yeager.

Q: What’s next for you in your junkin’ adventures?

A: I’m planning a trip to Round Top later in March, I’ll have to miss the Spring Junk Bonanza but would never miss the one in September. I’m also thinking about heading out to the Rose Bowl Flea in California in the Summer with Ki, if we can work our schedules out.  That is one I’ve never been to before.

Special thanks to Margo for this lovely interview! Check out Margo’s blog and Etsy store here:

STAY TUNED next week for our big kitchen REVEAL!!!

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  1. SavvySassyGirl, thanks for finding such interesting people for us to read about. And I just love the idea of taking a vow (so to speak) not to buy anything NEW.

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