Ashwood School Antiques

So, while I was at my company retreat the other week, at the luxurious and way too fabulous Homestead Resort & Spa, I managed to find an hour to kidnap a few of my coworkers and drive them to the nearest antique store (no surprise there)…

Ashwood School Antiques in beautiful Bath County

About 4 miles down the road, we found this awesome old school house turned antique store, called Ashwood School Antiques. Originally built as a high school in 1908, the school served many purposes until it closed it’s doors in 1969. Folk artist and antique dealer Pat Broyles purchased the old school house and turned it into an antique store and part home (where she resides). I can’t even imagine the work that went into bringing this building back to it’s former glory!

What a fun idea to stencil a staircase in such a clever way!

One thing that immediately caught my eye when we walked in, were the adorable stenciled staircase! What a great idea! Notice the fourth step up, that says “Circa 1908.” This would be an awesome project to do in your own vintage home! Then my eye was drawn to all the lovely antique egg baskets lining the staircase!

One of the many relics from when the building was a school in the early 1900’s…

There were many artifacts in the front foyer, reminding visitors of what school was like in 1908! The chairs were so tiny!! I fell in love with this porcelain water fountain. How cool would it be to put this in your bathroom!

Beautiful oak china press….can it fit in my car?

Leave it me to then spot every amazing antique cupboard/hutch/cabinet in the store! I was already trying to scheme how I could squeeze one of these into my car and take it home with me…until reality checked it. I knew the Mr. would NOT be happy….oh well, maybe next time!

Oooo…or do I like this one better?

Ugh! I don’t know why I go so crazy for these cupboards!!! Picture this white chippy goodness with some cute shelf paper, filled with ironstone or brightly colored fiesta ware!!

Fun turquoise washstand cabinet. I bet there are about 15 layers of paint on this baby!

Then I spotted this turquoise gem, hiding under vintage cookie tins and hat boxes. I LOVE the color! What do you think…would you place this in a hallway, bathroom or maybe use it as a nightstand?

The perfect mission rocker for your Mr.’s man-cave…except it’s missing a cup holder for his beer…

Then I almost missed this cool mission arm chair. I could picture this in a man-cave…maybe next to a vintage record player or antique Victorla.

I’m thinking this would make an excellent movie prop…why do I not have a moonlighting gig in the film industry?

Upstairs, my coworkers and I spotted this very old wheelchair. My guess is that it was probably used at the turn of the century at the hotel or one of the other old spa locations.

The Everly Brothers had it right when they said, “Whenever I want you, all I have to do is Drea-ea-ea-ea-eam”

And then we saw it….the pièce de résistance!!! Standing about 8-9 feet tall was this very early American stepback cupboard, probably original to Bath County. I would imagine most women get heart palpitations when they see Brad Pitt or Channing Tatum…but for me…this is the kind of stuff that gets my heart rate up! It was definitely hand made…with pale gray paint worn off in all the right places to reveal it’s original red paint undertone. I almost had to borrow a handkerchief to wipe the drool off my bottom lip! Needless to say I was very sad to leave it behind…but for a cool $3,500 it could be yours! Hopefully you have really tall ceilings and can fit this pretty baby in your home!

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4 thoughts on “Ashwood School Antiques

  1. I think I would have enjoyed this more than the spa — LOL! In the town where my son went to college, they converted an elementary school building into an antique store. Each of about 40 rooms is stuffed full of antiques — my hubby always knew where to find me on parent weekend 🙂

    • Lauren! 40 rooms of antique bliss? I’m very jealous…what fun! Ashwood Antiques has only 2 large rooms downstairs and one large room upstairs. Lots of smalls and a few large pieces. But there are some amazing old homes nearby that make for a great Sunday drive if you live in the area. Now if only there was a spa AND antique store combined into one!!!

  2. you have simply GOT to come up to see me and prowl Mt Vernon Antiques … it’s huge … in a really crappy building on Old Route One, and has everything from the ridiculous to the sublime. best of all? I always find something under $50 to drag home and hide from you-know-who till I can paint it or someting. reetz!

  3. PS — you will never EVER guess what I discovered in a thrift store here on Rte 1. Shades of American Pickers: a genuine vintage gas pump! And no, I did not buy it. Enough strange stuff here for now!

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