The Historic Homestead Resort

One place that my mother-in-law loved to escape to for a long weekend was The Homestead, located in Hot Springs, VA. For years, she kept telling the Mr. and I that we should go there for a romantic getaway, especially around the Christmas holiday. Well, a few weeks ago, I got the wonderful opportunity to stay at this amazing historic resort for a company retreat…and boy was she right!

What a view! The original tower still stands, originally built in 1929.

The Homestead has a long and rich history, which all started with the natural mineral springs that are located in this beautiful area. Native Americans were the first to discover and use the hot springs for their healing properties. In 1776, the first version of the resort was built, which consisted of 300 acres and an 18 room hotel. The Homestead’s website has lots of great information on the history here.

Enjoy tea time on the sprawling front porch.

After staying at this place for a few days, I understand why it has earned a four diamond award rating. Besides the serene natural settings, beautiful architecture and cozy room accomodations…I was actually most impressed with how wonderful the resorts staff was. The food was also delicious…especially the huge buffet style breakfast, which offered everything from homemade miniature waffles to bagels and lox.

This photo was taken early in the morning, standing in the Great Hall, which had just been decorated for the holidays. This impressive entry way was rebuilt in 1902 after a horrible fire burned the entire resort. The coffered ceilings, dental molding, pendant lighting and giant columns will take any visitors breath away! By mid afternoon, this area is buzzing with guests who are checking in or those who are simply enjoying tea time with an afternoon paper.

She’s got a ticket to ride!

There are many items scattered around the resort, hinting of the Homestead’s rich past. In this corner, I found an old horse-drawn buggy. I would love to go for a ride around the property in the spring time in this thing! The resort still offers private horse-drawn buggy tours of the grounds for a fee ranging from $95-$170.

And if you like to golf, here’s a small view of one of the many golf courses at the resort…offering amazing views of the surrounding Allegheny Mountains. For more information on about the courses:

If you get the chance to go, which you should definitely try to do if you are going to be passing through the south western region of Virginia, take an afternoon and go hike one of the many trails around the property. There are 100 miles of biking and hiking trails around the property. This photo was taken while hiking a small trail that offered amazing views of many waterfalls. Simply breathtaking!

For those of you that will be in the Richmond, VA area this weekend, here’s an event you shouldn’t miss:

The Fan District’s Historic Holiday House Tour
December 8th & 9th, 2012
More info:

Are you going somewhere fun this holiday season? If so, tell us about it!

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