Before and After: The Princess Bedroom

Have you ever wanted a Princess bedroom? By this, I do not mean a hot pink bedroom with a white canopy bed and Cinderella themed sheets. I mean a special bedroom retreat, a relaxing refuge from the busy day, a place fit for, well…a Princess!

I bet Princess ButterCup, from the movie The Princess Bride, got herself a pretty nice bedroom once she married Prince Wesley! As you wish!

In a Princess bedroom there are probably rules too…like the following:

  • Children are not allowed to burst the door open, jump on the bed after running around barefoot outside, make flatulent noises or spill bright colored beverages.
  • There is absolutely no talk of bills, errands to run or upcoming school/extra-curricular events.
  • There are no clocks, no alarms and no electronic devices that can create an annoying sound.
  • Household pets will never shed a hair, leave a dirty paw print or any other unpleasant treat to be discovered only when you step in it, at 3 a.m., in the dark.
  • Clothes will put themselves away in the closet and the dresser.
  • The bed will always be made. Always.
  • And most importantly, a Princess bedroom will NOT look like this:

Whoa. Your bedroom should NOT make you feel like this. Photo:

This is the kind of bedroom I have wanted for a long time. For four years to be exact (that’s when we purchased our older home). It’s now time to make this dream a reality. While I can’t make the clothes put themselves away, I can get rid of the crap-tastic aluminum blinds and the wobbly ceiling fan. I can create an oasis of peace and calm with furniture and paint, but what I need first is a little inspiration:

Love the mirror…

A nice take on a canopy…

I’m starting to sense a monochromatic color scheme…

Love the incorporated Victorian furniture…

And yardlong photos!!! I have a nice collection of those at home…

Does this not look like the most peaceful bedroom ever?

A room with a few french inspired pieces?

More frenchy goodness! If those prints don’t scream Princess Room…I don’t know what does…

Well, there you have it! A few photos I’ve saved that have inspired me to tackle the Master Bedroom Before-N’-After. Stay tuned for some reveals and let me know what you think of these bedrooms!!

Copyright 2012. The Savvy Seeker blog by Erin Hurley-Brown. All Rights Reserved.

2 thoughts on “Before and After: The Princess Bedroom

  1. Your color palette leaves me weak-kneed … ohhhh, I need to lie down …lovely lovely idea-starters, Erin! Here’s a tip for those who might choose the “princess bedroom” centerpiece that I did. My (very costly) reproduction white iron bed is gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous and looks almost like lace against my new lavender wall. But there’s no way to lean back and read for a little while before … zzzzzzzzzzzzz……..

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