Antiquing in Lemoyne & Hershey, PA

Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz of American Pickers had it right, when they said that Pennsylvania is one of the best states for antiquing. Not only is this large state steeped in American history, it has two towns that are coined as the “antique capital of the U.S.A”….Lancaster, PA and Adamstown, PA.

A little further west of both of those two towns is Lemoyne and Hershey, PA. Our first stop was in Lemoyne (near Harrisburg, PA) at a large antique mall called Antique Marketplace. This place had it all…furniture, photography, pottery, glass, vintage clothing, you name it. It was so large, that at one point while browing isle after isle, I almost felt lost! Oh, and almost every booth in this place was having some sort of sale!

Lots to see at Antique Marketplace in Lemoyne, PA

I find it so interesting to see what kind of antiques you can find in a particular town. It tells you a lot about how the people in that area lived a long time ago. Since Lemoyne, PA is surrounded by beautiful farmland, I found a lot of farm memorabilia for sale.

Love these old enamel farm signs…would look great in a garden!

And of course, I’m always drawn to the advertising pieces, such as this beautifully restored Coca-Cola drink machine. I can picture Jack White (from The White Stripes, The Racounteurs) having a red and white themed kitchen in his Nashville mansion…can’t you?

Outfit your kitchen in white and red with this vintage cabinet and Coca-Cola machine.

I used to be able to find old house parts and architectural salvage like the pieces pictured here for $20 or less. Now that stores like Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware have made this look popular to the masses, these original antique parts have sky-rocketed in price. I think these two white, chippy corbels were priced at $190.

Who doesn’t love architectural salvage these days?

Maybe this chic in the painting in the background is smiling because she could see me drooling at this antique dentist sign. I LOVED this sign and was so tempted to bring it home, but it was not on my list (when you get easily distracted, as I do, it helps to make a small wish list and stick to it!). Notice the small tooth/molar in the arrow….ugh…LOVE!

Ugh…still sick that I left this sign behind…would look amazing in my new bathroom!

Next stop was this small roadside service station that has been transformed into an antique store called Furnace Hill Antique Co-op in Campbelltown, PA.

Furnace Hill Antique Co-Op in Campbelltown, PA

I love this photo…could almost be a postcard! If I had a large garden, I would totally purchase this old wagon and place potted plants all over it! I also like old shutters, which look fabulous repainted and placed on either side of a window in a room or fashioned together as a headboard for a bed…

A cute, rusty vignette outside the shop welcomes visitors…

There was a lot to see in this small place…some great hoosier style cabinets, pottery, great antique photography and of course the wonderful furniture Pennsylvania is known for…such as this jelly cupboard. If you don’t like the finish of the wood (which I think this one was walnut), then you can always paint it to fit the style of your room.

A great Pennsylvania jelly cupboard…could either leave it be or give it a coat of milk paint…

Last stop was Crossroads Antique Mall in Hershey, PA. I really think Hershey is the cleanest place in America. I didn’t see a leaf or a piece of trash anywhere on the street in this small town! Every lawn was perfectly manicured and who could resist a stop at Hershey Park or the Hershey Chocolate Factory!  This two story building had mostly smalls but had some great antique Hershey chocolate molds at a great price ($100 or less).

Crossroads Antique Mall…two floors with lots of treasures!

Before we were leaving, we spotted a chair (that was on my list!) to go with my recently purchased mission desk. Once we removed the giant pile of stuff that was sitting on top of it…we could see the beautiful dark oak finish and lovely straight lines of the chair. You could instantly tell that this was a chair of strong craftsmanship. I turned the chair over to see if I could find a makers mark (as I do with all old furniture) and low and behold…the original Quaint Furniture Stickley Brothers label was still in tact!!! I thought I was either going to throw up or pass out. Needless to say I couldn’t write the check fast enough for this pretty baby! She’s a perfect match to the desk and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

The find of the year…a Stickley Brothers chair, c. 1902, with original Quaint Furniture label.

Not all pickin’ trips bear such amazing finds as this last trip…but for now, I may have to agree…that if you can’t find it in Pennsylvania, then you can’t find it anywhere!!

Have you ever gone antiquing in PA? If so, tell me about it…what did you find there?

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6 thoughts on “Antiquing in Lemoyne & Hershey, PA

  1. My favourite outing is a day at the flea market. Thanks for the tours, Erin. I love all the antique signs and so glad you were able to find your chair. I always believe there is something that is totally mine waiting for me to discover and take back home with me whenever I go flea marketing. Love the feeling when I finally spot it and think, ahhh there it is!

    • Hi Kifus! Totally agree! My other favorite thing about flea markets is the other people who go…you can often strike up a fun conversation with folks who have similar interests! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I’d be like a kid in a candy store! I grew up in Bucks County but didn’t appreciate vintage back then. Now, I can’t get enough! I live about 2 hours from Hershey – need to plan a trip to Hershey Park so I have an excuse to go antiquing!

    • Kelly, you’re a lucky gal. Pennsylvania is such a beautiful place and there seems to be so much to do up there…especially in the upcoming fall harvest season. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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