Seeking in Colonial Beach, VA

There’s no better place to explore for treasures than a beach…Colonial Beach, VA that is. After my trip to Fishersville, I started asking a few dealers where a gal could go these days for some ripe pickin’s. A few folks told me that there are still some great places scattered around the Eastern Shore and Northern Neck area. So, what did do? I conned my poor family into going antique hunting by mentioning that we were also going to the beach! Something for everyone, right?

No big waves, but just as lovely…a large public beach awaits us and our beach chairs!

Surprisingly, there wasn’t much to find online about Colonial Beach. A tourist website and a smattering of motel/restaurant reviews…but nothing to really give an overall sense of what this place has to offer. We hopped in the car and drove a little over an hour northeast, through Bowling Green and King George…passing farm houses and veggie stands. We also passed signs for Popes Creek Plantation (the birthplace of George Washington) and Stratford Hall (where General Robert E. Lee was born).

I’m such a sucker for a cute, yellow cottage!

When we entered the small beach town, we were greeted with ice cream stands and adorable Victorian cottages, many which were either for sale or for rent. We drove up the peninsula to have lunch at Dockside Restaurant, so we could sit outside and watch the boats pass by.

The town’s Victorian architecture style is abundant, since the town was incorporated in 1892.

This adorable home was for sale, as were others with beachfront property…most averaging around $350,00.

Legend has it that this home served as a summer, vacation spot to the family of Alexander Graham Bell. It’s now a lovely bed & breakfast and visitors can enjoy its historic charm, as well as amazing seaside view! When I was taking this photo, a guest at the house told me that the owner had just restored the two original brick chimneys on either side of the house.

The Alexander Graham Bell family vacation home, now a B&B.

You never know who you’ll run into…a reenactor from George Washington’s birthplace goes for a stroll with an ice cream cone…

We asked some locals where some good spots were for pickin’ old treasures and the Red Barn seemed like a popular place. After visiting there, I see why. This is the kind of place I love…just a big ol’ indoor flea market. We saw lots of cool stuff in here, including an old taxidermy squirrel (which probably should have come home with us!).

We also visited Compulsive Cravings, which is sadly going out of business. Lucky for us though that almost everything in the shop was on sale. I fell in love with this arts and crafts style wicker arm chair, but decided to pass. I did leave with an antique yard-long photograph taken in 1944…to add to my vintage photography collection.

Wouldn’t this chair be perfect with a new cushion, placed in the sun room of a beach cottage?

So, what was the big score that day? This antique mission oak desk. We stopped a small roadside shop called Rydell’s, and as soon as we walked in my husband I both spotted it at the same time. We’ve been looking for one and this one was priced just right at under $100! Now it sits in the corner of our living room, anxiously awaiting a matching chair (which I’m now on the hunt for!).

Our new antique mission desk, which cozily fits in the corner of our living room.

Colonial Beach was well worth the short drive and we loved the town, so this will definitely be on our list of places to visit on a sunny weekend. For more information about Colonial Beach, VA, check our their visitor website.

Have you ever been to Colonial Beach? If so, what are your favorite places to visit in the town?

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11 thoughts on “Seeking in Colonial Beach, VA

  1. Excellent article! I wanted to encourage all readers to visit the town. We love it.
    To clarify one item, the history of the Bell House are documented, If you go to the Library of Congress website:, you can search through all of the Bell family papers that were donated and digitized. If you search for Colonial Beach, you can read of his coming and goings. There are great comments about the great town, swimming in the River, and the excessive heat of July 1896.

    There are other historical elements which are legend (but being researched more) from a Confederate treasure hoard to Pirate bands inhabiting what is now the Yacht Club to Lighthorse Harry Lee having an HQ at what was the acclaimed Colonial Beach Hotel (a 112 room complex popular with generations of Washington, DC and Richmond, VA).

    History, sailing & powerboats, International Jet Ski Races, Triathalons, World-Class amenities for a growing population of retired Seniors, Daily fresh seafood, Antique shops, Gourmet restaurants with certified chefs, Gourmet Coffe shops, Tapas Bar, and much more!

    We are waiting for you to visit!

  2. If you had continued down Rt. 301, you would have come to A Unique House Antique & Collectibles Mall on the left, just past the intersection of Rt 301 & Rt 205. Huge (over 170 venders), air conditioned, and clean. Well worth a 2nd trip to the area. Find them on Facebook – A Unique House Antique Mall & website

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