Squash-A-Penny Junction, Part I

Have you been someplace to unique, so extraordinary, that you almost felt like you walked onto a movie set? That is exactly how I felt when I visited Squashapenny Junction a few weekends ago.

A friend of mine gave me the tip about this place and then when I was in Fishersville, another antiquing buddy had asked me if I had ever visited Squashapenny. I’ve been to a few places off the beaten path looking for treasures, but I know I would surely remember a placed called Squashapenny! And now that I’ve been, I can truly tell you that this place is as unique as its name.

I bet you’ve never seen a general store like this before!

Just a few miles off of the Doswell, VA / Kings Dominion exit off of 95 North of Richmond, down a tiny unmarked road that runs parallel to some train tracks, is this gem of a place. It was originally built as a general store in the 1860’s and about 16 years ago, the property was bought and turned into an eclectic antique store. I don’t think much has changed about this building since it was built…except maybe some of the contents inside…which still contain many old general store items such as old food cans, displays and advertising signs. There was so much to look at, it was totally sensory overload!! But what fun we had while we were there!!

How’s that song go…”whiskey for my men, beer for my horses…”

This old iron horse sits outside…he looked thirsty, sittin’ out in the hot southern sun, so I offered him a drink…

See what I mean about a movie set? I felt as if I had gone back in time…

This is what we saw when the Mr. and I entered the building through the original screen door. It was wall-to-wall-floor-to-ceiling eye candy!! You could literally get lost in this place, scoping out the walls and displays for one of a kind treasures!

Wonderful old Pepsi machine…I wonder if the fountain soda sign will fit in my station wagon?

The Mr. was all about this Pepsi machine…which up until recently looked like you could still purchase a cold beverage inserting a coin and pulling its lever. I’m a Coca-Cola kinda girl myself, but I still thought it was pretty amazing. I was more in love with the Fountain Service sign sitting to the right…

Amazing RCA Victor chair…maybe once used as a display piece in an old record shop.

The Mr. does not love antiques as much as I do…but he loves me which means he gets to tolerate my sometimes-over-the-top-enthusiasm for old treasures. I rarely see him get as excited as I do over antiques but when we he turned the corner and saw this RCA Victor Records chair, I thought he was going to lose his mind!! For a man that collects records, this chair takes the cake. I may have to talk to Santa to see if it can appear under our Christmas tree this year…

Children’s boots in pristine condition!

See what I mean about wall-to-wall!! So much to look at!!

Overall, I would say this is the place to go if you collect antique advertising pieces, old store displays or anything odd and quirky. And the owner was just a friendly as can be, so I’m thinking that she would probably be willing to negotiate on a few items for serious buyers. So if you’re near Doswell, VA, do yourself a favor and make this part of your itinerary! I’ll be sharing more about my visit at Squashapenny Junction next week so stay tuned!!

Copyright 2012. The Savvy Seeker blog by Erin Hurley-Brown. All Rights Reserved.

One thought on “Squash-A-Penny Junction, Part I

  1. If anyone sees this the hours are 11am-5pm Saturday to Monday. Also it’s worth it to call at 804-876-3083 for any questions. The owner is really nice and would answer any question, and the phone recording she puts on also has some info. Hope this helps!

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