2012 Fishersville Antique Expo Recap

Hey ya’ll! Well, the 50th Fishersvile Antique Expo is over and needless to say, I had the time of my life! Now that I look back at some of these photos, I wonder why I left some of these treasures behind! We had an amazing time, the weather was gorgeous and there was just too much to see in one day. We didn’t go home with any large pieces of furniture, but did manage to score some smalls to add to our collection. Here’s a run down on some of the highlights that we saw…

This is what we saw when entering the expo grounds outside…

Overall, I felt that the majority of the prices were high but almost every vendor was willing to negotiate (probably so that they wouldn’t have to haul it all home!). There were some really beautiful baskets and primitive coverlets…

Don’t you just love those coverlets!

This biscuit bin probably came out of a general store somewhere in Virginia. Suprisingly, we saw a lot of general store items and antique advertising…and as you can imagine, these items did not come cheap!

If only this could fit in my kitchen!!!

I totally fell in love with the small primitive cupboard on the right hand side of this photo. It stood at about 5.5 ft tall and was definitely hand made with a mix of different kinds of wood. I loved the overall folksy feel to this piece.

Its sometimes difficult to take it all in! There’s so much to see!

The cupboards in this tent were AMAZING!!! I stood and gazed at the oak cupboard with the glass door for a while…but priced at $1,200 I had to keep walkin’….

I can see you drooling now…

This civil war era pie safe really got my heart beating! It had a beautiful patina to it and the buttery yellow tin gave a beautiful contrast against the red toned wood.

Awesome pie safe with old yellow painted tins…

Almost each booth had some sort of antique advertising piece for sale….but I didn’t see a lot of people buying it. Advertising is such a hot item right now thanks to TV shows like American Pickers. Most vendors told us that they were trying to have a few advertising pieces or old photography.

If you like old advertising, then this is the place to be!

I fell in love with this old dry sink, while the Mr. liked the old 7up cooler…

Remember my earlier post about my cast iron gnome? Well here he was at the show! This one has a better paint job and was priced at a whoppin’ $700! My dad nearly had a heart attack because he picked mine up at Metrolina in Charlotte, NC for about $20! The dealer told us that this one was made by Hubley. I fell in love with the gnome to the left of this one, but that little guy was even more expensive…priced at $850!

Looky! Looky! Gnomes galore!

I also spotted a lot of antique slag glass lamps…which I love since my living room is mostly decorated in the Arts and Crafts style. This beauty was made by Bradley and Hubbard and came from the dealer’s home in Pennsylvania.

Bradley and Hubbard slag glass lamp

So what did we buy? Lots of antique yard long photographs to add to our collection. I love to group them together on a large wall. There were a few items that I couldn’t decide on and then went back to purchase them, only to find that they were scooped up by someone else! Lesson learned…get it while you can! One dealer gave me some good advice at the show…its not the things you buy that you remember, its the ones that got away!

The Mr. toting some treasures back to the car!

Will you go to the Fishersville Antique Expo next year?

Copyright 2012. The Savvy Seeker blog by Erin Hurley-Brown. All Rights Reserved.

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