Bathroom Inspiration

I’m sure many of you have noticed in the past few weeks that I have not been blogging as much as usually do. I won’t lie…it’s definitely been a challenge lately to find the balance between work, family, blogging and last but not least, home renovations. Yes, I said it, home renovations. And not just lipstick and rouge home renovations…I’m talking sledge hammer, nail guns, grout and a whole lotta dust kind of renovations.

When we purchased our early 1960’s brick colonial almost 4 years ago, we knew the bathrooms were going to be challenge. The half bath downstairs had speckled gold and turquoise tile on the walls and the floor…which were slowly starting to come loose. The main bathroom with a shower and tub, which is located on the second floor, was wall-to-wall peach and tan tile. The showstopper was the Formica vanity countertop sink that had been hand sawed in half to only cover the sink. Nice, huh? I can remember the look on the Mr.’s face when he saw it because he knew then that it was going to be a big project…and I think my usual response went something like this, “Just think of it honey, we can make it anything we want it to be.” (Insert wink and smile here).

But before you start any home project, you have to start with an idea. Luckily for Jon and I, we are fans of older homes and antiques, so we usually opt for things with a nostalgic touch. I can remember combing the web for photos for inspiration. There’s so much to select from these days and what era would be our inspiration? Would we opt the cool look of a mod 50’s bathroom or a cozy 1920’s bungalow vibe? Luckily, there are lots of folks who are also producing affordable reproduction fixtures these days, so buying supplies to pull off these kinds of looks can be a cinch.

So before I share our “before” and “after” of our bathroom redos, I thought I’d share with you some photos that served as inspiration.

Better Homes & Gardens had some great shots of Cottage-Style Bathrooms. Here were a few of my favorites:

Beadboard or no beadboard...that is the question!

LOVE the floors, love the buttery yellow walls!

But then again, should I keep the early 60’s vibe alive in my house? Nah…this ain’t the Brady Bunch!

Hello Barbie! How about a hot pink sink?

How about sea foam green and nautical fixtures?

How about a coastal theme with ocean inspired colors?

I do like farmhouses and Barn House Electric and Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co. make some amazing reproduction light fixtures!

Cool retro lighting from Barn Light Electric.

LOVE this light from Schoolhouse Electric

I could keep it cool and classic with lots of fresh white and classic tile.

French inspired bathroom via House Beautiful.

Something classic perhaps?

Or I could find inspiration in other historic homes…

Clawfoot bathtub from the Biltmore Mansion.

Hardwood floors in the Governor's Mansion in Sacramento, CA.

What do you think? Do you have a favorite bathroom style? Tune in next time for the BIG REVEAL!

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