Q&A: Family Treasures with Ann Moncure-Williams and Mitch Williams.

 Q: Tell me briefly a little about yourselves. What are your interests or your hobbies?

Mitch: I had an antique store, located on the corner of Hanover & Strawberry St. in Richmond, VA, called Christopher Robin Antiques about 30 years ago. I loved armoires…people needed them in the Fan District, since the old homes had little closet space. I enjoy reading, music and outdoor activities such as kayaking.

Ann: I work in special education, was the former restaurant owner of Cuisine A-La-Carte and I’m also an artist. I love art projects, museums, going to galleries and yard sales. It’s all about the thrill of the hunt!

Remnant from an early 1800's quilt.

Q: What are your favorite blogs?

Ann: We don’t read a lot of blogs, but we do like magazines such as Southern Living, New Yorker and Coastal Living.

Folk art from a 1930's carnival...made from a barrel and paper-mache.

Q: Describe your style in two words:

Ann: Eclectic, wacky and unusual.

Mitch: Make you laugh.

Q: Where did most of your antique collection come from?

Mitch: We have a lot of pieces that came from our families. Both families are from the Richmond/Petersburg area. We’ve also been buying antiques for over 30 years. We just collect things that catch our eye…

Ann: My grandmother was part of the Tinsely Family and grew up in the Totomoi House, in Hanover County. My family also had a beautiful farmhouse in Richmond, VA, called Picquenocque, that was built in the late 1800’s. Some of our furniture came out of these homes and was passed down through the family. 

Iron sign from Picquenocque, the family farmhouse...

Q: Can you tell me about this amazing cupboard?

Late 1700's Welsh Cupboard....simply beautiful!

Mitch: This is a Welsh cupboard, dating back to the late 1700’s that is made of English oak. The pewter collection dates to the late 1800’s.

Ann: This cupboard belonged to my great aunt Dorothy Scarborough, who was a famous novelist who wrote “The Wind” in 1925. It was also made into a silent film. She was an avid collector and she also studied at Oxford. She also owned this antique jelly cupboard that she purchased in New England. It is made of poplar and pine and dates to the early 1800’s.

New England jelly cupboard, dating to the early 1800's

Q: What do you know about this trunk? It looks to be very old…

Ann: That trunk belonged to my great grandfather. It is said to be his traveling trunk from the Revolutionary War. It’s from the late 1700’s. This was a piece that came from Picquenocque.

Awesome hand forged ironwork on Ann's antique trunk!

Q: Do you have a favorite place to shop for unique treasures?

Ann: We like consignment shops such as Impulse and Revival. They have a unique selection of merchandise that changes frequently…not your everyday antique shop. We also love yard sales and estate sales. In the months of April through October, my Saturday morning ritual is going to yard sales and estate sales.

Antique trunk purchased in Richmond, VA.

Mitch: Another great place is Alexander’s Auctions. They have an antique auction every Thursday evening. You can preview the auction items online or at Alexander’s starting at 9am on Thursdays. They have a great selection of antique Persian rugs.

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2 thoughts on “Q&A: Family Treasures with Ann Moncure-Williams and Mitch Williams.

  1. Love seeing and hearing about some of these treasures. Your love of what is unique, interesting, and humorous is a “treasure”. …Betty in CT

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