Mason Jar Light Pendant

Pottery Barn mason jar light pendants

Have ya’ll snagged a recent catalogue from Pottery Barn this season? Looks like everything that was out in the barn is now coming inside the home! Lots of rich textures, rusty fixtures and rustic lighting. Seems like a new spin on what used to be categorized as “country.” I hear more and more terms like “modern country” and “industrial vintage.” However you want to label this look, I love it and with the right mix it can steer clear of being trendy and just be timeless.

Pottery Barn mason jar light fixture

I spotted these awesome mason jar light pendants on the Pottery Barn website and then started spotting them on other sites like Ebay and Etsy. I’ve wanted to replace the horrible florescent tubing light fixture that was placed above our kitchen sink with something more unique, yet casual. I remembered that I had purchased a small lot of old, blue mason jars at an auction once. I started combing the house, looking in every closet and every cabinet for those cuties but of course they disappeared! Oh darn…just another excuse to hit up some of my favorite antique shops to look for that perfect old blue jar!

Lonely little mason jar

My husband was convinced that he could save me the $65-$100 that these mason jar light pendants can cost, so we started plotting on how we could create one of these adorable light fixtures ourselves.

The Right Tools

Light pendant kit, mason jar and light bulb

Here’s the list of supplies we used for our light:

  • 1 large antique mason jar ($8.00)
  • 1 Edison light bulb ($5.00)
  • 1 single light pendant light fixture kit (by Westinghouse, in Oil Rubbed Bronze, available at Home Depot) ($15.00)
  • 1 Hole Saw
  • Wire Strippers
  • Power Drill
  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver

Total Cost of the project = $28.00

How to Make a Mason Jar Light Pendant

Mason Jar Light Pendant

Step 1: Use a hammer and a screwdriver to break the glass that is in the galvanized lid of your mason jar.

Step 2: Use a hole saw to cut a hole in the galvanized metal lid to your mason jar that is equal to the size of your lamp holder.

Step 3: Attach the metal lid to the lamp fitter.

Step 4: Screw the Edison light bulb in to the light pendant and place the jar onto the lid.

Get your glow on!

You’re done! I think the entire project took about 30 minutes. And it’s super cute and matches our cottage style kitchen. If you’ve made one of these light pendants or something similar, drop a note and tell me about it!

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15 thoughts on “Mason Jar Light Pendant

  1. LOOOOOOVE the pendant light ~~ great way to borrow an idea and make it “yours.” I suppose if one knew what one were doing, other types of old jars and bottles would lend themselves to this clever transformation as well. Good food for thought. Little jars on a track light?

  2. SO cute! I just saw something similar using a vintage bottle . . . the exact kind I scored at a resale shop for $1.00 but they had no instructions and didn’t respond to my requests . . . guess they wanted to keep it to themselves SO I’m so pleased you shared the details of this! Following you now — love your blog!

    • Hi Lauren! Thanks for stopping by! We got the idea after finding a similar one on Etsy. The seller also wouldn’t answer my questions, so that’s why we decided to make one. Ours ended up costing about half of what they were selling theirs for….so I was happy to share the instructions with ya’ll.

    • I wondered the same. I have mason jars in a chandelier over my table and cannot use the Edison bulbs they are too hot so I had to use the incandescent bulbs which I really don’t like but if I want to use the mason jar this is my choice. I have looked however on many sites and notice that they also put small holes in the lid with nails, it does not say it on this site but I have seen it on others. My mason jars don’t hang they are upside down and I cannot put the holes in or I would.

  3. Can I use a silver lid without the flat instead of having to use a hole saw on a solid lid? How did you attach it to lid? Is it inside pulled thru to secure? Thanks for your help. Love the idea!!!

    • Hi Delisa! The lid becomes attached when you screw the light bulb into the light fitter (through the hole in your jar lid). Then you simply screw the lid jar onto your lid and Presto! You’ve got a new light! Hope this helps!
      – Savvy

    • There is a light kit at Ikea that is just a plug on a long cord you can drape from the socket to your desired hanging place or if you have a recessed light Worth Home Products sells a converter kit on their website or at Home Depot.

  4. We made these last year. Have 4 pendant/ jar lights over kitchen table. Had the bottoms cut out for fear of them getting to hot and made changing bulbs easier. Used regular bulbs. No problems… Until this last month!!
    Randomly heard glass breaking two different times. Luckily no one got hurt. Don’t have a clue why they shattered. Unless, jar had worked itself loose. Can’t understand. Did switch to curly lights

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