Q & A: Amy Carannante of Fab Finds and Designs


Q: Tell us briefly a little about yourself. What are your interests or your hobbies?

A: I am an artist, crafter, and accounting clerk…odd combination I know, but life has just taken me down that path. I studied textile design at  FIT in NYC so I have an artsy background. My mom was a designer as well, so craftiness is in my blood. My grandparents were also antique dealers & we always had that style surrounding us. I still have a lot of items that were passed down through the family. I enjoy the memories attached to certain items. I think that is why I love the vintage business so much. I love the look on someones face when they see an item & say “oh my gosh, my mom had that”, or “I remember that growing up.” 
Q: What is your favorite blog?
A: This is my favorite blog. I just love these girls! My craft show partner Allison & I dream of owning our own vintage shop one day. We sure do have enough inventory to fill one!

Q: Describe your style in 2 words:
A: Flea Market Chic (OK.. that’s 3 words)

Fresh picks at Fab Finds and Designs

Q: Where did you get the idea or inspiration to collect and sell vintage suitcases?

A: I always go to the flea market to see what treasures I can find. One day I saw this little embroidered suitcase. It was adorable. Then I found a couple more old train cases & though it would be fun to store stuff in them. I posted the photo on Facebook & immediately had an offer to buy all of them from an acquaintance I had met at a local craft show.

Q: When did you start selling your suitcases?

A: The girl I sold them to asked if I could find more for her. So that’s how it all got started. I kept going to the flea market & thrift stores daily to gather my collection & my first show was a huge success. Also that girl is now my best friend  & booth mate at most of the shows that we do. She is also my biggest customer.

LOVE these red vintage suitcases!

Q: What are some popular styles of suitcases that you see folks buying more of?

A: I have found that the three biggest selling factors are age, color, and condition. Train cases and round suitcases are the hottest items. Anything bright like reds & pinks are also good sellers. I get so many artists & fellow crafters at shows who buy from me for their displays, and to carry their stuff to and from the show. Artists who want to store their brushes & paints, and people actually buying them for travel. They may be a bit heavier than the modern luggage, but are more durable & definitely more stylish.

Q: How can folks incorporate vintage suitcases into their decorating style? Do you have any craft/project ideas that you’d like to share? Or decorating tips?

A: Vintage luggage is so versatile. First off it is great for storage. I have a whole stack in the corner of my craft room filled with show items. Instead of those ugly plastic bins under your bed, use vintage luggage. It’s durable, nice to look at, and you do your part to recycle old items rather than buying new. I have also made end tables and coffee tables out of them. They make a great statement piece in a room.

Q: Do you have a favorite flea market or special place to look for your finds?

A: I am lucky in the fact that I live about 10 miles from one of the biggest flea markets in the country called the Swap Shop. They are open 365 days a year! I go there a couple days a week and to the surrounding thrift stores. Besides luggage, I also sell vintage purses, jewelry boxes and Pyrex. So every day is spent hunting out new merchandise to sell at the shows.

To purchase some of Amy’s fantastic vintage suitcases and other treasures, visit her Etsy store: www.fabfindsanddesign.etsy.com

To get the latest updates on Fab Finds and Designs, visit the Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/FabFindsandDesigns

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