Chalk Paint Cupboard

I LOVE a good “find.” Especially when that “find” is someplace least expected and for an amazingly low price. That was the story behind this cupboard that I found a few blocks from my house in the garage of a tow truck company (I’m telling you people…there is no place I won’t go for a great treasure).

My dream cupboard...before photo

Apparently this beauty came out of an old house that was being renovated in the Fan District of Richmond, Va. But when I looked closer, I could tell this neglected treasure had been tucked away in a carriage house for many, many years. The original glass windowpanes were in tack but there was a bird nest in the drawer, paint flaking off everywhere, brown rusty goo stuck on her shelves. This lady needed a makeover…STAT!

Some people go nuts over chippy, flaky furniture. I love it too but you do have to be realistic and think about the lead paints that were used many years ago. I made the decision to take the huge task of power sanding this thing and giving her a new coat of paint. And let me stress how HUGE this thing is. I think she hits at 86” tall!

Isn't she lovely? Restored to her original beauty!

So after a week of sanding this thing on my front porch while blaring the local classic rock station on my hand held FM radio, she was ready for a first coat. For the past year I have read probably dozens and dozens of reviews about Annie Sloan’s magical Chalk Paint. It’s about as much of a craze as Oprah Winfrey’s famous gift giveaway. As an artist, I’ve used all kinds of mediums from watercolor, acrylic to oils…but never any kind of chalk or milk paint. So I decided to spend the $39 + $15 shipping fee (gulp) and order my quart of Annie Sloan’s ‘Old White.’

Why the Craze?

I don’t want to turn this blog entry into a tutorial for Annie Sloan’s chalk paint…so I’ll just give you the basics.

  • It’s water based
  • No fumes
  • NO PRIMER REQUIRED (Yes, it’s true. Slap this on top of raw wood or something with a horribly thick polyurethane coating)
  • Dries FAST

That’s it. It’s expensive stuff but if you want to keep your mom’s hand-me-down furniture and give it a fast update, this is the way to go.

Add a pretty tassel to top it off...

After I was done painting two coats and giving it a light sanding, I used a clear wax to seal the chalk paint. Then I begged my husband and another strong male friend to lift this baby into our house so I could fill it up with all kinds of fun stuff!

If you’d like to read more articles about using Annie Sloan’s paint try reading Centsational Girl, Case de Lewis or Miss Mustard Seed. If you have used this wonderful paint, let me know! I’d love to hear about your experience as well!

Copyright 2012. The Savvy Seeker blog by Erin Hurley-Brown. All Rights Reserved.

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